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The Brian Clarke Academy will open in September 2022. Our aim is to open successfully on an easily accessible, town centre site in high quality, light, airy and well-designed buildings, rich with colour, that inspire the whole school community and lift aspirations.

The Brian Clarke Academy will be an eight-form entry school for 11 - 16 year olds and will initially be open to year 7 students in 2022 and will increase to all year groups over the first five years of opening.

The schools' motto is: Luceat lux vestra, Let your light shine (Matthew 5:16). This celebrates the light we all have within us, and the light we are all drawn to – the light which enables us to grow, thrive, understand and discern.

The key values of the school community are: • Achievement: through our curriculum, we will strive to ensure that all our students enjoy the richness of an ambitious offer which will lead them to be the "heirs of all that has gone before", and to be prepared for the different progression routes 16-18 and beyond. • Industry: we all work hard. We are proud of our industrial heritage and the creativity, ambition and drive that made Manchester the centre of the world. We believe there are no limits to what we can achieve; the key is to try and discover; and you will surprise yourself. • Character: we want all our students to become good people – good friends, neighbours and citizens, with clear, ethical values, whom we are proud to know. We will ensure they have every opportunity to develop their talents, leadership, teamwork, and be of service to others and do good in their local, national and international community as they go.

Brian Clarke offers an exciting opportunity for prospective staff and we will be recruiting for teaching and support staff. Please sign up for job alerts or complete a prospective application if you are interested in working at the school.

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